Testimonials for Customized Private Mini-Retreats

Ibiza, Spain

“The mini-retreats gave me all the answers that I was looking for: I gained clarity and purpose for my journey on the camino de Santiago.”

Jamie Gominger, Mississippi, USA
Travel writer at The True Bravado

“Nourishing, that was my experience. The grounding and coming ‘home’ from the meditation was a very powerful experience. I also had some a-ha moments.”

Oksana Brown, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Dating Coach & Yoga Teacher

Testimonials from Women’s Meditation Retreats

Boulder, Colorado, USA, October 2014

“Rebeca is truly a master teacher. The depth of practice that can happen with her in one day, is amazing.”

Rayann Gordon, Alberta, Canada
Studio Owner/Instructor at OpenSpace Pilates

“Rebeca is incredible, a really amazing person. She’s very skilled at allowing the process to unfold for us and helps me to connect with my inner desires.”

Lisa Coppola, Boulder, Colorado
The Clutter Clearing Coach

“I loved Rebeca’s deep generosity, acceptance and humility. I have such relief from what I’ve been struggling with in my life. I feel so much joy and enjoyment now and I’m excited to go back.”

Kate Sciolino, Boulder, Colorado
Editor/Ghost Writer/Writing Coach

RayAnn Gordon“Rebeca creates such a warm and loving retreat space, perfect for the beginning or advanced practitioner. An authentic and skilled teacher, she is committed to drawing out the truth of our experience and working with the energy of the group before her. I was especially delighted that her teachings offered bridges between the insight of practice and the reality of action in our daily lives. She is truly a joy to work with.”

Rayann Gordon, Alberta, Canada
Studio Owner/Instructor at OpenSpace Pilates


Boulder, Colorado, USA, June 2014

Victoria Robertson“The world seems somehow clearer since the retreat. I seem somehow more willing to be in my body. Listen, feel and follow! Thank you Dear Powerful Mindful Amazingly Lovely Rebeca!”

Victoria J. Robertson, LMT,RMT, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Massage Therapy & Craniosacral Therapy
Dance Educator and Choreographer
Intuitive Readings, Individual and Workshops


San Pancho, Mexico, March 16th, 2014

“Rebeca created an amazing space for all of us to reconnect with ourselves. A truly magical and inspiring day.”

Karen Sargent, Malta / Britain
Psychologist, coach and founder of “the 1 Big Thing”

Britta Jankay“Thank you for sharing your practice and knowledge in meditation. I feel very lucky to be here. Gracias, Britta.”

Britta Jankay, Honduras / Holland
Organic Farm Creator and Owner in San Pancho, Mexico


Tamara Jacobi“Rebeca’s 1 day women’s meditation retreat was a gift to my mind and body. The moment I walked into the retreat I was overwhelmed with the sensation that I was exactly where I should be. The retreat itself was not only wonderfully healing, but I now have meditation tools that I can take with me wherever I go. Rebeca’s guided meditations offered me powerful, yet simple, visualization and relaxation techniques that I will definitely be integrating into my daily life. Thank you Rebeca for sharing your wisdom. I am grateful!”

Check out Tamara’s article that she wrote inspired by the 1 day Women’s Meditation Retreat.

Tamara Jacobi, San Pancho, Mexico
Founder and Manager at Tailwind Jungle Lodge

Sharon Keating“Rebeca. What a lovely experience you created for all of us today. A beautiful, comfortable and cozy setting in nature; a yoga session presented by Mary to awaken our bodies; a healthy, delicious meal to nourish our tummys; practical teachings to expand our current knowledge; guided meditations to relax our bodies and quiet our minds; and two lovely rituals to open and close our day together. The added surprise of being in silence was another gift.

In addition, you facilitated the day with a delightful sense of humor and with a very patient, accepting, and non-judgmental presence. It was a delight to be with you and the other fabulous ladies in our group.”

Sharon Keating, San Francisco, US / San Francisco, Mexico
Organizational Consultant and Leadership Coach at Claros Group

Veronika Eskova“Rebeca’s passion for meditation is very strong and inspiring. She illuminates great energy and light, encourages her students to explore and enhance their bodies and soul capabilities to the highest potential! I love you Rebaca, thank you for sharing your meditation skills and passion with Us!”

Veronika Eskova, Russia / Colorado
Founder and Coach at Virtual Public University LLC


Testimonials from 21-Day Meditation Challenge & Starter Kit

Kate Sciolino“My daily practice is really revolutionizing my life. I notice more patience and clarity. I feel so strong in my center. My reactions to external circumstances seem to move through me much faster and they don’t hook me as much. I feel more love for my husband. Sometimes I notice a small detail in my home, like my apron hanging on a hook in the kitchen, and I feel so happy. Most days I look forward to my practice. Some days I feel resistance. I feel like I am opening to my next level of success, and opening to my next desires. Also, processing through tons of muck. It’s profound self-care. I am trusting myself more.”

Kate Sciolino, Boulder, Colorado
Editor/Ghost Writer/Writing Coach

Other Testimonials

“Really calming and a wonderful experience!”

Richard Robledo, Canary islands, Spain
Minister and Director of an ecumenic Program for collage students at Colorado University

“She has really been there for me and supported me!”

Liz Rafert, Denver, Colorado, USA