Customized Private Mini-Retreats

Customized Private Mini-Retreats

What is a Customized Private Mini-Retreat?

Is your soul desiring a pause? A moment of stopping the running and busyness of day-to-day life and go inward to gain genuine clarity? Do you wish to reflect and truly allow yourself to just be, to do less?

Do you feel it’s time to stop and receive instead of constantly giving, giving, giving? Are you ready to nourish yourself so that you can re-emerge in a fresh way and with a new perspective?

If you’ve answered YES to many or all of the questions above, it is time for you to offer yourself a mini-retreat, a customized private mini-retreat with me.

It is a 3 hour immersion where you and I spend a chunk of quality, focused time on YOU. We will take this time to slow down and reflect on what you have engaged with in the recent past and focus on letting go of what no longer serves you.We will look at your visions of future dreams/ desires /inspirations and see how to start making it a reality for you NOW. I will give you the strategies and tools to learn how to be an intimate friend with the current moment, the present, which can lead you to a more fulfilled, nourished and joyful life without changing much else in your current life. I use coaching tools and meditation instruction to guide you through this process.

Some benefits that my past clients have experienced are:

  • Finding their inner wisdom to gain clarity and direction on their path ahead
  • Relaxing with aloneness and finding the true gift that spending time alone can bring
  • Being fully, deeply heard by a pair of fresh eyes and by someone outside of their immediate friends and family and so gaining perspective
  • Recovering the trust in their own wisdom and intuition
  • Offering tools to deal with restlessness and anxiety
  • Learning to release and let go of any areas, situations or people that no longer serve
  • Accepting and surrendering to what is versus what our idea of what should be is and relaxing into the perfection of that

It would be my highest honor to support you on your journey through a private mini-retreat – nothing would make me happier. If this is something that you sense your soul requires, let me know. Contact me here to receive a complimentary 15-minute call with me to explore how a mini-retreat will be of benefit to you.

Why a Private Mini-Retreat is my absolute favourite thing to do!

Here’s another quick video for you that I made right after one of these private mini-retreats, sharing why I love doing them:

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TESTIMONIALS for Customized Private Mini-Retreats

Ibiza, Spain

“The mini-retreats gave me all the answers that I was looking for: I gained clarity and purpose for my journey on the camino de Santiago.”

Jamie Gominger, Mississippi, USA
Travel writer at The True Bravado

“Nourishing, that was my experience. The grounding and coming ‘home’ from the meditation was a very powerful experience. I also had some a-ha moments.”

Oksana Brown, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Dating Coach & Yoga Teacher


If you’d like to chat with me about the possibility of doing a mini-retreat with me, let me know by contacting me here.

With love and delight,