21-Day Meditation Starter-Kit

Guided Meditations, Videos & Daily Tips with Rebeca Castellá
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21-Days Meditation Starter Kit with Rebeca Castella

Hi friends,

Welcome to “21 days for $21” or “21 days for 21€”.

This Starter Kit is for you if you are feeling drawn to establish a daily meditation practice or re-establish a meditation practice. Maybe you are a complete beginner or maybe you are an advanced meditation practitioner. It doesn’t matter. This 21 days of support will be helpful to you both…. 21 days is what is known to be the time it takes to create a new habit in our life. Anything that we repeat daily for 21 days will become a habit. I would be delighted to support you for 21 days.

What will receive in your 21 day Starter Kit?

  • A weekly Guided Meditation by me
  • A weekly Video by me
  • A daily email with a motivating tip for your commitment

Who is this Meditation Starter Kit intended for?:

  • A complete beginner and ready to explore what a daily meditation practice could bring you and how it could benefit you
  • A meditator who has fallen off the horse, forgotten about practicing daily for a while and need a little support to reignite that spark that comes with daily practice

What benefits will you experience?

  • You’ll get acquainted with your mind, become friends with your mind, no matter what is going on inside
  • You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment from the sticking to your daily commitment
  • You’ll learn to make meditation a priority in your life and feel the surprising benefits that comes from that
  • You will definitely feel more relaxed
  • You will feel like you can handle your life better than before
  • You’ll accomplish more in your day-to-day
  • And… many, many more benefits that neither you nor I know at present. Can’t wait to hear about them!

If you’re ready to commit to establish or re-establish a daily meditation practice and you sense that my support through this 21-day Starter Kit will help you, you are warmly invited to sign up below:

Here’s what Kate had to say about these 21 days…

“I feel like I am opening to my next level of success!”

Kate Sciolino“My daily practice is really revolutionizing my life. I notice more patience and clarity. I feel so strong in my center. My reactions to external circumstances seem to move through me much faster and they don’t hook me as much. I feel more love for my husband. Sometimes I notice a small detail in my home, like my apron hanging on a hook in the kitchen, and I feel so happy.

Most days I look forward to my practice. Some days I feel resistance. I feel like I am opening to my next level of success, and opening to my next desires. Also, processing through tons of muck. It’s profound self-care. I am trusting myself more.”

Kate Sciolino, Boulder, Colorado
Editor/Ghost Writer/Writing Coach

Can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!
Hope to see you “inside”!

With so much love,
Your Meditation Mentor

Free Facebook Meditation Challenge

A potent Facebook community has emerged around seasonal 21-days-Meditation-Practice challenges. We have a “live” round, meaning people (including myself) officially commit to practicing meditation daily for 21 days in a row, once every season: winter, spring, summer, fall. It’s a perfect opportunity for some accountability and community sharing and support and…. on an energetic level knowing that other people all around the world are committed to a daily meditation practice, at the same time, is powerful. To join this community, request entrance here.