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Customized Private Mini-Retreats

Customized Private Mini-Retreats

For this very special customized offer you get to Create Your Own dream retreat together with me. No experience necessary. This offer is appropriate for complete beginners and also for experienced meditation practitioners.

During your customized mini-retreat, we will spend quality time focused on you. You’ll learn how to slow down in your busy life with a day of deep relaxation and personal growth. I will introduce you to “Meditating with the Body” and assist you to start your own meditation practice, allowing you to release your tension and taste the possibility of being stress-free. Using both coaching tools and meditation instruction, I have seen many of my clients transform and realign their lives in a matter of hours.

My husband and I are currently “luxurious nomads” and travel annually to places like Mexico, Spain, Sweden and Italy and try to visit one new place every year. So, as you see, I love traveling the world and am open to coordinating these mini-retreats if I’m traveling near you.

To learn more about my Customized Private Mini-Retreats, click here.

Mindful Living Coaching

Mindful Living Coaching

I am so excited to get the opportunity to support you in stepping into living a more Mindful Life through one-on-one coaching. I am excited about holding you in the necessary process of surrendering to life’s unfolding through letting go of what is no longer needed and open up to a growth and evolution that you know your soul desires.

To read the full description of an Introductory Package for Mindful Living Coaching click here.

Meditation Group Retreats

 Meditation Retreats

The group retreats that I offer are usually 1, 2 or 3 days long. Participants of past retreats have described their experiences as “nourishing” and “grounding”. The setting where I decide to host my retreats at is beautiful and the food that we get to enjoy is healthy AND delicious. Why? Because that is important to me, and that is what makes it so extra enjoyable. I would love to have you join me in one! Check out what is coming up.

Programs & Gatherings

 Programs and Gatherings

I am excited to offer various classes, gatherings, and programs, bringing together community of like-minded people longing to integrate spirituality and meditation. To check out what’s being offered, click here.

21-Day Meditation Starter-Kit

21-Day Meditation Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is for you if you are feeling drawn to establish a daily meditation practice or re-establish a meditation practice. Maybe you are a complete beginner or maybe you are an advanced meditation practitioner. It doesn’t matter. This 21 days of support will be helpful to you both. 21 days is what is known to be the time it takes to create a new habit in our life. Anything that we repeat daily for 21 days will become a habit. I would be delighted to support you for 21 days. Click here to learn more & get started.

Public Speaking

Learn to Meditate and create your own DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICEI am a pretty good public speaker 🙂 and really thrive in speaking to groups that are interested in learning about Meditation, Mindfulness & Mindful Living. If you are interested in learning about different topics that I love to talk about and want me to come speak to your audience, you can see more here.

Some of my favorite audiences to talk to are: women groups, entrepreneurs, business teams, corporate staff and non-profit organizations. You can send me a direct invitation through emailing me:

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

More and more people are gifting loved ones experiences instead of things. To me there is nothing more valuable than an experience, specially if it has to do with personal growth and transformation. I have prepared a Gift Certificate that you can use to gift my coaching and meditation services to a family member or to a friend to whom this could be of great benefit and inspiration in this moment.

You can either just gift a certain amount of money towards an experience with me OR you can gift a specific experience. To learn more, click here.