I am so excited to get the opportunity to support you in stepping into living a more Mindful Life through one-on-one coaching. I am excited about holding you in the necessary process of surrendering to life’s unfolding through letting go of what is no longer needed and open up to a growth and evolution that you know your soul desires.

Mindful Living Coaching is right for you if you:

  • Often feel anxious, restless or depressed
  • Want to focus on self-nurturing, self-love and personal growth
  • Have a feeling of purposelessness or feel “lost” and desire a clear path
  • Struggle with trying to stay balanced in life
  • Strive to better understand how to let go and follow your intuition
  • Need clarity before / during / after a transitional period in your life

What can you expect from one-on-one coaching with me?

I would like to offer you an introductory coaching package of 4 sessions where we will be working around the following topics:

  1. “Gaining the needed Awareness as your base”: Together, we will look at your life right now and the Life of your Dreams and realize, feel “the gap”.
  1. “Identifying and working with Obstacles“: We will recognize the current dissatisfactions in your life and identify obstacles to clear what is no longer needed and move forward. Letting go.
  1. “Discovering your Desires”: Now, you start opening up and dancing with your Desires, identifying the strongest, most alive one and start making moves towards it!
  1. “Creating a gorgeous Plan for exciting, heartfelt forward movement”: You will receive some major accountability and plan creatively for more major progress.

Logistics of a special introductory 4-pack offer:

> 4 sessions of 1.5h each

> Sessions can be through Skype, Phone or In Person or a combination

If this sounds interesting to you, please let me know and we can schedule a 15-minute complimentary “Match-made-in-Heaven?-Exploration-Call” to see if we are a good match to work with each other.

Contact me at: rebeca(at)rebecacastella(dot)com

I look forward working with you!
Love, Rebeca