Thank you for considering offering a donation!

The donations that I receive will go fully towards making the teachings and practices of meditation available to more people. I’ll donate 10% of all the donations to the Dharma Ocean Foundation – my spiritual home, foundation founded by my main teacher, Dr. Reggie Ray – I have so much profound devotion and appreciation for what I have received from this place that I am wanting to keep giving back to them.


Rebeca on rock prayingAs many of you know, and some of you can imagine, to be a “freelance” – work for oneself – with the sole purpose of helping people to wake up by offering them teachings and practices that will support them on the path of so doing, takes a lot of passion, inspiration, time and money. I have been offering meditation on a one-on-one basis and in groups both in English, in Spanish and in Swedish since 2010. Sometimes I’ve done it totally for free, other times on donation basis and others for an asked price. Still in many cases, offering classes and leading retreats barely covers the expenses and leaves very little extra for profit. So it is from the bottom of my heart that I bow to you and thank you in advance for any donation that you might be able to offer in this regard, no matter how small or big.

Money is a very interesting thing, I am sure that many of you have lots of interesting experiences with it. There are 3 main reasons I would invite you to donate to me:

1) To help the ones in need by helping me continue to create FREE and low price offerings such as:
* The 21-days-meditation-practice challenge (that happens once per season)
* “Live” gatherings with me on Solstice, Equinoxes and full moons.
* Ongoing meditation classes offered on a donation basis

…Some people have a lot of money and some people have very little. And it seems like the worldwide trend right now that you might have heard of is that “the richer are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer”. So in order for everyone to have access to these teachings and practices… I ask you to donate!

If you are interested in learning more about the “richer getting richer and the poorer getting poorer”, check out these links:

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How America’s Middle Class Lost The War In One Simple Animation

2) “If you have a lot, give a lot. If you have a little, give a little. But always give.”

This is a line adapted from the Spanish saying that my “”abuelita” (Spanish grandmother) use to say often (she had so many beautiful sayings). The original one goes like this:

“If you earn a lot, save a lot. If you earn a little, save a little. But always give.” I like to adjust it by exchanging the word “save” for the word “give” and the word “earn” for the word “have”: “If you have a lot, give a lot. If you have a little, give a little. But always give.”

3) “For it is in giving that we receive…”
is a powerful line in a famous St. Frances prayer (prayer that I have been reciting daily for a year or so now). If you’re curious about the full prayer, you can find it here – it is a beautiful one!


Also, as a last observation, I’ve found myself hearing a piece of advice or seeing a video of somebody sharing a piece of his or her life that has totally hit a core and actually even transformed my life. I’m sure you can relate. Sometimes there is just something that someone shares that feels very, very, powerful to us and we are able to contemplate and act on some inspiration thanks to this piece. When this is the case, I feel very inspired to give back to this person so that they can continue sharing with others and have others have a similar experience. If I have been that vehicle for you, if there is anything that you’ve received from me for free and you feel it is highly valuable and so inspired to give for that, please feel most welcomed to do so. This is the place.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance. Appreciated from the bottom of my heart.


Rebeca on rock receiving