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Hi precious human being!

Welcome to my website! I’m so happy you found your way here!

I have created this website with the intention of starting to share what I am most passionate about with the world, with YOU!

As a very brief summary of my journey on this life so far… I grew up in Europe (mostly in Sweden and Spain), studied Business in college and started working in Marketing in the corporate world where I got blessed (didn’t know it was a blessing at the time) with burn-out and depression after 4 hard-working years. This “blessing” took me traveling the world for a year to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and SouthEast Asia. This journey opened my mind to other lives and cultures and brought me to Buddhism and Meditation.

Now, since 2004, I’ve been plunged into the study and teachings of Buddhism and Meditation and have been sharing “shyly” for the past 3 years but I’m ready to share more widely and more confidently. Because these teachings and practices have brought me so much joy, depth and happiness and an understanding and acceptance of “what is” that I am beyond grateful for. So it is my pleasure to share with you these teachings and practices through sharing myself and my life. I like to do that both through my adventures as well as through meditation 🙂

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In the spirit of sharing the benefits of meditation practice with the world.
With love and devotion,


Strangely enough, at a certain point on the journey, the only way to go further is to actually begin to share it with others. And “it” is not a body of teachings, it’s not a bunch of techniques, it’s not a lot of ideas — it is us, it’s our own life; it’s our willingness to share who we are with other people without any reservation.” – Reggie Ray


Rebeca CastellaRebeca has studied and practiced meditation since 2004. Her main teacher is Dr. Reggie Ray. The practices that she’s connected with deeply are the one’s she is now teaching: “Meditating with the Body”. She grew up in Spain and Sweden, studied Business and worked in Marketing in corporate, start-ups and non-profits. Her main passion and inspiration is to share meditation with the world.